Listening With Your Eyes: Overcoming disability with online video

Imagine the internet without sound – your favourite movies would be destroyed, watching videologs would be pointless and music videos would be rubbish, right?

WRONG! Welcome to the world of online DEAF video television…

Behold! – A whole online community of videos for the deaf, or keen sing-language readers. On these websites, users upload videos just like youtube, but with the sound turned down. People are able to express their feelings, opinions, emotions VISUALLY like never before. Can’t hear someone’s vlog? No matter- with sign language in essence you can.





Voila! This is just one user who’s expressing her frustration over DEAFvideos’s comments section.

And here is a Film Producer podcasting about the future of DEAFpod.

But it’s not just deaf vlogging and podcasts that online video has revolutionised, but the ability to learn sign language quickly and efficiently. Ever wanted to express yourself through sign but been unable to find the correct movement? By clicking here you can find that word you seek in seconds!

Just follow the instructions on screen to select the word and KAZAM! A VIDEO appears with the correct sign language interpretation!

Let’s say you’re not looking for a word, but perhaps just want to learn the basic alphabet. With online video, you can experience the hand movements time and time again outside the restrictions of a classroom, and with actual motion that beats a textbook 11 times out of 10!

This funky video’s created by Smart Hands – a company specialising in teaching sign-language to children. They educate parents in how to effectively communicate with via sign-language and what’s truly amazing is that parents anywhere can follow classes LIVE ONLINE!

All you need is a computer with a broadband connection and you’re good to go.

But say once class is over you want to relax and have a bit of fun? Whilst others may dancing around their living rooms listening to their favourite song, now with online video you can listen to the most up to date songs on the charts with sign language interpreted music videos!

I GOTTA FEELIN that whilst BSL’s (British Sign-Language) Sign Post may be leading the way on television, regularly broadcasting to 2.5million people in the UK, online videos for the people with hearing disabilities are reaching people on a GLOBAL level. Online videos for the deaf are truly breakign barriers – not only can they help deaf people access quality education, but they can also help those with learning difficulties too, the dyslexic and the illiterate.


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