Canon 5D- ushering in a new era of online video

By H.W.

Since the creation of YouTube in 2005, online video has become one of the most powerful multimedia tools in the world. But what started as something that merely allowed people to put up their own amateur videos and share them with friends, has evolved and developed over the past 6 years. The capability to upload videos in higher quality, all the way up to 72op HD, which was brought in 2008, has attracted professional film-makers and video artists to post their work on the site.

Dan Chung has been at the forefront of the new online video revolution. He started out at a photographer for the Derby Evening Telegraph, then went on to Reuters, and now is one of the Guardian’s top photo journalists.

Notice the use of the word “photo” journalist. Dan Chung was not a film maker by profession, but it was the advent of new camera technology that made him decide to try his hand at video rather than just stills photography.

The Canon 5D range of cameras, which were the first cameras to allow people to shoot high definition film on photographic cameras, have caused a blurring of the distinction between traditional photography and video.

Have a look at this incredible film that Dan Chung made for the 60th anniversary for the People’s Republic of China:

The unique style of this video comes from the fact that  Ching used a Canon Eos5DmkI instead of a traditional HD video camera. The film that he has shot actually looks like a moving photograph, rather than a film. This comes not only from the fact that the Canon 5D allows the photographer far more flexibility over the settings than a dedicated video camera, but also because the quality of the lens is far superior. Dan Chung has used the same techniques that a photographer would, in terms of composition, framing, exposure settings, etc and applied them to film.

The evolution of online video is happening at a staggering pace. But it is not just the quantity of video that we are seeing being uploaded online, but the QUALITY, that is beginning to make all the difference.

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