Why you should be a video blogger (and a video to show you how to do it)

These days, technology is everywhere. The potential to communicate, connect and collaborate with others is higher than ever. It is the technological and information revolution that has fuelled the rise of citizen journalism, where all over the world people are using increasingly sophisticated devices to capture moments and events that would otherwise go unseen. The most basic and primitive mobile phone now is likely to come with a in-built camera and/or even a video camera. And so now the masses have access to this technology which was once a preserve of the few. This means that it is not necessary for a camera man or reporter to be present whilst the volcano erupts, because there is probably someone there already holding their phone, filming away.

Citizen journalism means that information otherwise unobtainable or at that time inaccessible by professional media outfits can be produced easily by those who are there to experience it. When the Russian authorities closed off the inside of the Domodedovo airport after it was bombed, passengers who were there to watch the carnage unfold got everything on film which was then reproduced by many media organisations keen to show the world what they could not show themselves. (see here: Fox News uses mobile footage of Domodedovo airport bombing)

Online video journalism, or video blogging, can be a great way to communicate with communities. If you’re interested in Vlogging, you can easily connect with communities by producing material. You could interview local figures, film local events, or make community profiles. So next time you see something that catches your eye, why not film it?

Here’s how to do it…

1) Grab your camera phone or borrow a friends (or you could use a camera with a filming facility, or even a video camera if you have one)

2) You could either plan what you want to film, or you might see something spontaneously and decide to get filming!

3) Use a USB uploader to transfer the film from your camera phone to a computer. When you plug it in a box should pop up asking you what you want to do – choose ‘open folder’. If it doesn’t pop up, find it under ‘external devices’ in your ‘My Computer’ (PC) or under ‘devices’ in your finder window (Mac). Once you’ve open the folder, choose the footage you want to upload. Save it somewhere on your computer.

4) Now you can upload the video to somewhere on the internet – you can of course edit your footage if you like but most citizen journalism isn’t edited that much. You can upload your video to a blog if you have one, or you can upload it popular video sharing websites such as YouTube. You can see this video on YouTube at How to make a video for online journalism

Natasha Malcolm-Brown

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