VIDEO SCHOOL: like a library but FUN!

Reading becoming a bore? Books not your cup of tea? Fancy sitting back and relaxing in front of the big screen? Must resist? What if you could learn whilst sitting in front of the screen? Well, fret not my hungry student, NOW, more than ever before, it seems you CAN. And WELL.

Since its launch in 2005, Youtube has been uploading educational videos onto the world, and since 2006’s ambition has been to teach the world from the comfort of their homes, at the office, or on the road via wireless media devices, all thanks to online video.

And it’s not just boring subjects you can learn about – if you type ‘how to’ into youtube’s search box, you will see the following ten suggestions (I few of which I can safely say are extremely important skills to possess!):

1)      How to kiss

2)      How to get a 6 pack in 3 weeks

3)      How to Dougie    

4)      How to make a paper gun that shoots

5)      How to annoy people on Black ops

6)      How to tie a tie

7)      How to be ninja

8)      How to save a life

9)      How to make money on the web

10)   How to be Gangster

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but at least 4 of the above 10 are downright modern-day essentials!  Number 7 deserves praise in itself surely for supplying us with a whole new brand of verb.

On a serious note, online video is serving as a ground-breaking form of learning – wherein people can learn to understand basic mathematics to complex algorithms in a brand new and FUN way.

Not to mention the tutorials and sessions on cosmetics which, given the power of the internet, can reach millions in every corner of the globe. It may only be a video on effective eyebrow hair removal, but it has changed the lives of people – take Samantha Chapman and her sister Nicola for instance who have made a fortune and established careers from make-up tutorials they upload to youtube. When Samantha fell pregnant, she quit her job in cosmetics to be a stay-at-home mum, but through tutorials, has taught millions how to apply make-up to professional standard.

What’s that you say? These videos only help those with light skin tones? Ohhh but alas –  Holly Ann Aeree and Shea Coacao Luv have tutorials for the Asian and black complexions too!

I know what you’re thinking – Make-up – Hardly revolutionary, right? Touché. So what about practical tutorials in musical instrument teaching? 6 mill views for basic guitar good enough for you?

This is just one of ViewDo’s many videos which specialises in teaching everyday skills and tasks. The small youtube channel has already welcomed an audience of over 20 million, clearly people value these short, concise and hugely effective videos. One of my personal favourite videos which has helped me learn a skill invaluable to students everywhere is this one –

I can’t remember a Friday night when this particular skill was NOT useful. Evidently 2 million other students found it handy too…

The thing about learning online is that you can see and hear the lesson, you are not just sat in front of a piece of text, you are learning whilst you are watching. Another great benefit is the fact that the video lesson can be accessed anywhere in the world, by an infinite amount of people, which means there is no such thing as an ‘on hire’ book – the resource is free and available to all, at all times.

Conerning practical demonstrations, online video will beat literature every time. Take learning to drive for instance. What do you do if you don’t have a car to practice, if you can’t afford lessons? Appeal to a textbook? Or click below?

Another thing about video tutorials is that it means everyone can be a teacher. Once a skill is learned, the student becomes the master and they can then share the skill with the world at a few clicks.

If only there was an online video that could teach me how to write an effective blog. Oh no wait…



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