Youtube channel subscriptions: a fresh way of accessing news

By H.W.

With the huge amount of video that is broadcast online, it can get a little overwhelming trying to wade through all the different content out there.

Especially with news, I find that YouTube channels are a fantastic way of getting all your favourite video content in one place. If you want to access different types of video, then by subscribing to your favourite video sources, you can have all of the best videos in one place.

When following journalism through YouTube, I like to have a combination of traditional news and citizen journlism video sources. The best YouTube channels for news are the ones which aren’t afraid to put their content out there. Al JAzeera English is particularly good for this. They update their channel throughout the day with new bulletins and highlights from their latest programmes. This approach, which is more open-source than most other large news organisations (e.g. the BBC, which has no dedicated youtube channel) reaps dividends in audience terms. The AlJazeera YouTube channel has over 189,000 subscribers.

If you don’t want to get your news from traditional organisations, then YouTube’s Citizen Journalism channel is a great way of finding the best content that is being uploaded to the net.

Their mission statement explains the unique angle that the channel takes:

CitizenTube is YouTube’s News and Politics Blog. Here you’ll find important breaking news videos from citizens; developing trends in the use of YouTube by news organizations, activists, politicians, and governments; and lots of other YouTube goodness.

Recently they have supplemented this by adding a new section called worldview , where they get world leaders to come on and answer questions posed by the public.

This month, they are interviewing the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Last month it was David Cameron. You don’t have to be a news organisation anymore to attract the big names.

The world of media is changing….

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