Bloggers that care about online video journalism

I decided to look at fellow Bloggers that are into Online Video Journalism and I found a couple of inspirational people.

The Wall Street Journal achieved over 10 million streams per month of its video viewership, spanning from the day’s biggest stories, interviews, news, live broadcasts to opinion shows. 20% of wsj video traffic is live broadcasts, where the Journal attempts to ‘domesticate cable TV to a web format’. Apparently the Journal makes around $200,000 a month with their streams alone and can thereby afford to keep a staff of 23!

Their goal is to have a similar reach as TV for their news streams by 2015 but cheaper. Deputy managing editor Alan Murray said about their success: “We’ve doubled our video viewership in the last nine months, and I’d like to see us double it again in the next year or two.” I like their videos because they cover every news story in great detail but also offer high quality lifestyle stories.

Here is one example of video journalism style

Here is another.

What do you think?

Adam Westbrook is a new media journalist that specialises in online video, blogging and social media. He is the founder of the UK Future Of News Group, which is a community of journalists, academics and entrepreneurs interested in the future of digital age journalism. He also lectures video journalism at Kingston University in London and runs an online video production company, studio .fu.

His Blog is the 31st best Blog in the UK (Cision Top 50 Blogs 2010)! He launched “My News Biz 20011 – the UK student journalism enterprise competition” to find ‘the next generation of journalists, currently studying at a UK university, to come up with their own idea for a news business that has the potential to be sustainable’. He believes that journalists can no longer just provide information but that in order to appeal to the mass market and attract followers we have to ‘package’ our information. A package is unique and can be sold for money and he is paying £1,000 for the best business idea by a journalism student.

I really like the idea of launching a competition for Blog followers, that will definitely keep them coming back and checking his Blog for updates! (Note to self J) He also gives tips for journalists on how they can improve their Blogs, such as 10 free programmes media journalists should have. He discusses how in revolutionary times, like in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, journalism is one of the ways that changes the way the world works.You can check out his Blog here.

Angela Grant is a freelance multimedia journalist that produces online videos among many other things. She works for Texas newspapers, local news websites, and two wire services distributed worldwide. As the publisher of her Blog, she gives tips for journalists who produce online news videos. Among many things, she shows how to frame video interviews and even analyses Adam Westbrook’s Blog posts. You can check out her online videos here.

Jil D.

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