The power of video journalism

The online blogging community is growing on a daily basis. The statistics I found about Blogs are astonishing. There are over 133,000,000 Blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002 and 77% of Internet users read Blogs according to Universal McCann. That is a massive figure if you remember that over 1.73 Billion people use the Internet worldwide.

Bloggers are very dedicated to their craft, IF they didn’t abandon their Blog (80% of Blogs are abandoned within 4 weeks), as they usual update between 2-3 times per week. However successful Blog’s such as PerezHilton or The Huffington Post update several times per hour.

While many newspaper companies fear the Internet and how they will earn money from readers, Blogs are one of the few online sites that generate money. PerezHilton makes over $110,000 per month from just one Blog.  Arianna Huffington just sold her Blog for $315 million to AOL and interestingly, a large amount of that money will go towards the production of original video content to generate Internet traffic and attract advertising revenue. The New Combined Media Group Will Reach 117 Million Americans and 270 Million Global.

Bloggers participate in an average of 5 activities to drive traffic to their Blogs, with photo updates being the most popular form of multimedia, and I think they are invaluable. Users want variety and as many different features as possible when reading information online. That is why video journalism is getting more and more popular. Why read an article online with just words and pictures if you can do that with a newspaper? You want video, interaction and moving images online to tell your story in addition to your written words. If you interview someone, seeing their answers on paper leaves out their reactions and facial expressions. Video interviews show what people don’t say and how they feel while being questioned, i.e. with facial expressions, body language and the general mood of the interview. The same, in my opinion, goes for events and other coverage’s, it is always more effective to include a video with your article. It can deliver a story better.

Anderson Cooper has a great Blog on and all his stories are delivered with video. A good example of his work is this link.

A 2010 report by comScore shows that more than 177 million American Internet users watched video content in June. That’s 84.6% of the total U.S. Internet audience. Many reports further suggest that since then these numbers have risen further. SKY.COM and other news websites show all their Top stories with video content. I think that video journalism might be as frequently featured as photojournalism in less than 5 years.

I would love to know what you prefer, when reading journalism online, do you like videos with articles? Do you prefer the whole story to be a video?

In the celebrity online video news I just have to mention Charlie Sheen. He is currently fighting for the custody of his twin boys and was suspended (or as reports suggest – fired) from his successful comedy show Two and a Half Men. Since then he has gone on a very interesting rampage to try and tell his side of the story. He gave several online video interviews on (where over 899 users commented after) and created his own USTREAM TV Channel. The Site, which was streamed live, got over 631,554 views in less than 15 hours! That is an unbelievable amount, which probably reached more viewers than if had given the same interview on a TV Channel. Watch his (erratic) stream and live interview here!

One last thing that I wanted to share with you was that, in 2010, two-thirds of Bloggers are male! Ladies, lets take over this year…

Jil D.

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