Are Radiohead changing the face of online music journalism, or will crowdsourced music videos never replace professional filming?

In 2010 Radiohead released a video online of a concert they played in the Czech republic. It was their first concert video since 1995, but this wasn’t what made the video so special.

This concert video was entirely shot by fans equipped with nothing more than camera phones.

After seeing clips of their shows uploaded to video sharing websites like Youtube the band were so impressed that they worked with the fans to edit together a complete concert video and provide a professional quality soundtrack to accompany the footage – all free of charge.

See the finished product below:

But does this kind of crowdsourced music video have the potential to change the way concerts are reported online?

I spoke to James Doherty, a freelance producer who has worked for a number of London-based radio stations and currently works for the BBC’s online wing.

By Alan O’Doherty

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