Experts in journalism on video journalism! Vol I

Online video journalism is growing and developing on a daily basis. There are now countless websites for online video journalists to upload their work. TV channels used citizen and online video journalism on a regular basis when it comes to natural disasters like the earthquake in Japan, and political unrests in Libya and Bahrain. It was only through these videos that the world got to see the devastating images.

I wanted to know what journalists in the field and other media experts think  of online video journalism and where they see it in a few years.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview a journalist for The Guardian for my first post.

Tom Rogan is a Guardian Comment Contributor and writes about US politics and social security. He is also an expert in Middle East politics and war studies.

I wanted to find out what Tom thinks about Online Video Journalism and get his take on the future of online video news.

JD: What do you think of online video journalism?

TR: I believe that online video journalism is an incredibly important and powerful tool for the free and effective movement of information.

JD: How has online video changed over the years for you?

TR: Over the past few years, online video journalism from grass roots sources (the man/woman on the street) has helped to shape global attitudes and responses to some of the most important events in recent history. The opposition protest movements in 2009 Iran and later Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and the citizens of Japan who were effected by the March 2011 Tsunami, all made great use of online video to document and help shape international engagement with their situations.

JD: Do you produce online videos or watch them yourself?

TR: As I part time journalist I have personally come to rely upon online video reporting to provide insight into often rapidly evolving events. These events just a few years ago could only really be studied (at least in the short term) by organised media reports.

JD: Where do you see online video in the future?

TR: Fortunately, as Internet connectivity grows and as the tools of online journalism grow cheaper and more accessible, the power of this journalism avenue will multiply many times over. By empowering the individual to directly report on what he or she witnesses or believes, video journalism creates centers of living knowledge that empower all of us to quickly engage with circumstances around the world and to great effect. This is an evolution in journalism that is both exciting and encouraging.

If you want to read more about Tom Rogan’s work go here.

Jil D.


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