LiveLeak – for citizen and video journalist!

LiveLeak is a video sharing website, that exists since October 2006, where users post and share videos. The videos uploaded to LiveLeak are to do with politics – mainly Middle Eastern affairs (Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran are their own category), current events and reality-based footage such as war scenes. The footages are often combined with citizen journalism, making this site brutally honest with its content. News reporters can use this site to bypass official statements and records and address the actual situation in the conflicted countries.

As honest as LiveLeaks may be, it often contains immense cruelty and violence shot by citizens. Under Your Say, on the site, video journalists in conflict share their experiences with the world. Very often these videos will raise heated debates between users. See a video on the Iranian protest movements documenting their experiences here.

Co-founder, Hayden Hewitt, has defended violent videos on the site by saying: “Look all this is happening, this is real life, this is going on, we’re going to show it.”

This video shows a protestor in Libya getting shot on the 15h of February.

LiveLeak also has a point system meant to motivate users to deliver positive contributions, where any kind of hate speech, propaganda or spam will lead to point subtraction or deletion.

LiveLeak shot to fame in 2007 when White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and Former PM Tony Blair mentioned the site after it leaked the execution of Saddam Hussein. At first, politicians seemed worried that LiveLeak could be used as a tool of propaganda by terrorists but now they have embraced the site and even spread their own messages about the war in Iraq and other unrests since then.

This video shows the latest footage of Fukushima shot from a helicopter and was leaked to LiveLeak 4 hours ago.

If you want to share your online videos with LiveLeak you have to become a member. Although you will retain the rights to your videos the site can use your content for any purposes they like. Many of the videos posted on LiveLeak are used by news channels such as Channel 4.

Jil D.

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