New Left Media

New Left Media is a new generation news YouTube channel started by Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll. They are currently students at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and therefore a huge inspiration for me. Their news videos have a huge online following for many reasons that I can think of. They are extremely professional and objective when doing their interviews and update their channel on a regular basis. Their topics are always up to date and follow the issues concerning the US population.

Below are some of my favorite videos, the best one for me is the Sarah Palin book signing, where I actually laughed out loud…which hasn’t happened to me ever while watching news stories! At the same time I also understood what was going on and got to grasp the views of the public.

For the covering of the “Rally to Restore Sanity” called by for Jon Stewart on his show Whiteside and Stoll received over 126,540 hits on YouTube. The demonstrators expressed their concerns about the deterioration of state news and hyperbolic content of 24/7 news channels. However, when asked which news outlets they watch the general answer was Jon Stewart’s show – a comedy show as their primary news source or other partisan news shows such as the Daily Show.

Sarah Palin Book signing – interviews with supporters:

Again they only stayed for about 90 minutes to do these interviews and didn’t cherry pick their interviewees. They are real investigative journalists that go at a topic objectively.

Chase and Erick went to the March of Equality on October 11 to support full equality in all 50 states for the LGBT community. They interviewed Cleve Jones, the National Equality March Organiser, and members of the LGBT community on their views of Obama and the Human Rights Campaign.

Chase Whiteside also made an It gets better video (in reference to my earlier blog about the campaign) to fight bullying and hate at work and school places which has over 43,034 hits on YouTube.

Over 1,800 people gathered outside House Minority Leader John Boehner’s district office in West Chester Ohio to show him that there are many people in the US supporting the public health care option and Obama’s policies. This protest came after John Boehner publicly claimed that he didn’t know a single American who was for the public option.

Have you ever heard of New Left Media? Leave your comments below.

Jil D.

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