I recently wrote about David Dunkley Gyimah. He is without doubt one of the greatest pioneers in video journalism. He has been instrumental in bridging the gap between video journalism and cinema and VJ is all the better for it.

He has been on the web since 1995 and his website is testament to his knowledge and know-how of mixing video journalism with the internet.

As an artist in residence at Southbank Centre, he offers great insight into the practice and philosophy of video journalism.

I interviewed him a week or two ago. It was a fascinating chat, which lasted over two hours. I have clipped out some of the best bits but there is so much more that I could have included.

I started by asking him what how much of an impact he thought the internet has had in terms of redefining video journalism?

How important is it for video journalists to be web savvy? Should they be able to do more than just blog?

Several years ago you were quoted as saying “people say videojournalism is like TV online, but videojournalism is experimental and risky.  I say it’s like being a photojournalist with a video camera.” How much have the aesthetics of videojournalism changed over the last few years?

And finally, here are David’s thoughts on the future of video journalism and experimentation.

Please add your comments. I am hoping to go to one of David’s forums at the Southbank Centre soon, so I will of course be reporting back from it as and when.

Will Teddy

2 Comments on “Interview with DAVID DUNKLEY GYIMAH”

  1. videorreporter says:

    Excelent post!!!

    I’d like to share it in my personal Blog
    (Diary of a VideoReporter), ok? (

    Congratulations and best regards from Brazilian Videojournalist!!!

    We Vjs are the future!

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